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National Drumming Day
Want to tell drummer jokes? There is no better time than
on their special day!  It's November 15th by the way.

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National Drumming Day is sponsored by Drumming.com.

We pay special tribute to the world of drumming on November 15th of each year. Celebrate drums, drumming, and all things percussion on this day. Grab a drum or any percussive instrument and start banging. Pound your desk as hard as you can! When the boss comes up and says "What are you doing?", just tell him you're celebrating National Drumming Day.


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More ways to celebrate:

  1. Well of course tell your best drum jokes on this day.
  2. Thank a drummer. Everyone thinks what they do is easy but au contraire.
  3. Join a drum circle for a day. It's fun and this might just be the start of your new drumming career!
  4. Walk up to any band that's playing and insist that they let you sit in on drums in honor of Natl. Drumming Day.
  5. When making love on November 15th, use the rhythm method.
  6. Study up on your drumming history. You'll never need it but do it anyway.
  7. Ask off on November 15th and tell your boss because it's National Drumming Day.
  8. Drum up some new friends.
  9. Drum up some new business.
  10. Visit Drumming.com and learn more about the world of drumming.

Send your National Drumming Day annual membership dues to
NDD, 3817 Gaskins Rd., Richmond, VA 23233. We have no
idea what the amount is so just contribute generously. In fact, why
don't you just give us everything you have. We'll make sure it gets
distributed evenly among all the drummers in the world
(after we take our cut).

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This special day was created by the proprietors of Drumming.com. in 2015 to pay tribute to the art of drumming.

For more tips on drumming, visit DrumTips.com.

Want to chat about about National Drumming Day? Visit DrumChat.com.


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Ok, you know we're not really making fun of drummers right?
(OK, yes we are)


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